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Signature Academies

Ms. Monique Pettaway

ext. 80037


Signature Academies

The MCPSS District is providing high school students with more academic choices. The Signature Academy is a program that is unique to each Mobile County Public School. WHS currently provides students with rigorous academics through its Maritime, Engineering and Entrepreneurship Academies.


The Maritime, Engineering and Entrepreneurship Program is designed to prepare students for jobs in welding, electrical, and many other careers that are business oriented. Students gain hands on experience as well as field trips, speakers and internships. Students also are exposed to rigorous academics as well as career exploration and business mentorships during their high school years that prepare them for college and careers.


Students who participate in this program will be inspired and challenged to reach their full potential. The Signature Academy is a stimulating program increases student awareness and the ability to be college and career ready.


Upon completion of a chosen pathway, students will test in his or her area of concentration in hopes of receiving credentialing/certification thus enhancing their marketable skills. Moreover, other students may choose to continue his or her studies at  an institution of higher learning.


To learn more about WHS Signature Academy, please contact Monique Pettaway, Signature Academy Specialist at (251) 221-3411 EXT 80037 office hours 7:30 to 3:00 Monday - Friday.